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Saje Ceramics

Saje, a seasoned maker, channels her passion for creativity into crafting bespoke ceramic pieces from her home studio. With five years of experience as a potter, she specializes in hand building and sculpting, infusing each creation with a unique charm reflective of her dedication to the craft. Saje aspires to bring a touch of originality to living spaces through her unique creations.

Saje embarked on a mission to share her love for pottery through affordable mobile workshops tailored for all ages, she not only imparts the basic skills of this ancient art but also fosters creativity without bounds. Her workshops cater to various occasions, spanning from birthday celebrations to school events, hens parties and retirement homes across the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and beyond.

 While her workshops require a minimum of four participants for travel, they promise an unforgettable experience where participants explore the endless possibilities of clay.

Though firing and glazing services are not currently included in the workshop fee, Saje has plans of acquiring a kiln, to provide this service in future. In the meantime, she readily recommends local pottery studios for those additional needs.

Pottery Workshop


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